Research and development of medical products for safer
medication and pharmaceutical management at home.



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Interview with Sensec Personlig Säkerhet's CEO Anders Segerström

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Interview with Vice President and Head of Sales Klas Arvidson

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This is how Dosell works

MediRätts founder tells more about Dosell

Q&A about Dosell with Head of Sales, Klas Arvidson

Clinical trial shows positive results for Dosell


We are living longer than ever before – but few remain healthy their whole lives.

Over the last 25 years usage of pharmaceuticals has increased amongst our elderly, and consequentially the number of pharmaceutical injuries has risen due to faulty usage. On average, about five people die and another 300 are hospitalized in Sweden every day due to faulty usage of prescription medication.

MediRätt is a medical technology company that develop digital solutions for better and safer pharmaceutical management at home

Our goal is to give all people tools to live a satisfactory life at home, reduce the pain and suffering for patients and their relatives, as well as ease the pressure on the health care sector.

MediRätt was founded in 2008 and is publicly traded on Nasdaq First North since 2016.

Dosell – ensure accurate medication

MediRätt has developed the Dosell product, as well as a range of apps that together form a unique overarching concept that ensures that the sick and elderly receive safe and reliable treatment.


MediKoll - information om biverkningar av läkemedel

MediKoll – information on drug side effects

MediRätt has developed an app that seamlessly and simply provides patients information about side effects, reactions and allergies linked to different drugs. The app was launched for iPhone as well as Android during December 2016.


MediRätt has transfered its share listing from Aktietorget to the NASDAQ First North in Stockholm. Please see the investor relations pages on this website for more information.