Anders Segerström CEO

Born 1985
CEO since 2019

Anders Segerström has been in leading company roles in the fields of business development, sales and management since 2005. In 2017, Anders Segerström became CEO of Sensec Personlig Säkerhet, which he grew into a profitable company that was acquired by MediRätt before changing name to iZafe. Previously, Anders was head of business development at the same company, and before then head of sales at the broadband provider Net1.  

Anders Segerström has a degree in Business Management from the IHM Business School.

Tobias Johansson Head of Sales and Vice-President

Head of Sales and Vice-President since 2019

Since 2004, Tobias Johansson has been running his own companies in retail and business development, where he primarily was responsible for strategy and sales. From 2017 until today's role, he was Head of Sales at Sensec Personlig Säkerhet.

Mikael Svensson COO

Born: 1966.

COO since 2017

Mikael Svensson has over 20 years of experience in business development within IT solutions, where in recent years he has focused on digital solutions for caregivers and patients. Mikael comes from FRISQ AB, where he was Senior Manager within Health Care.

Mikael holds a Master of Science degree from the School of Economics and Business Administration at Gothenburg University and a Master of Science degree from the Military College

Other assignments: Owner C.F.M Enebyberg AB

Göran Hermanson COO

Born 1953
COO since 2019

Göran Hermanson has broad and proven experience from the security industry. His career began in 1989 when he brought Securitas Direct, today Verisure, from start-up to one of the larger security solutions companies in Sweden. During his time at Verisure, he had the roles of deputy CEO in Sweden and CEO in Denmark, where he was also head of operations in the Nordics. Before joining MediRätt / iZafe Group, he was responsible for business development at Verisure Group's Care branch, that develops alarm solutions for elderly people who want to live an active and independent life in their own homes.