Carl Johan Merner CEO

Born: 1975.

CEO since 2014.
Deputy CEO 2012 - 2014.
Board Member 2010 - 2016.

Carl Johan has worked with growth companies and fund raising since 2002. He has an MBA and manages the family business Marmorbruks AB in Kolmården, and has an excellent track record of listing and managing companies on the Aktietorget exchange and the Nasdaq First North.

Carl Johan is also a board member and CEO of Marmorbruks Aktiebolag, a shareholder in CJ Merner Produktion, and a board member of Marmorbruks Drifts AB.

Tobias Johansson VP and Head of Sales
Mikael Svensson COO

Born: 1966.

COO since 2017

Mikael Svensson has over 20 years of experience in business development within IT solutions, where in recent years he has focused on digital solutions for caregivers and patients. Mikael comes from FRISQ AB, where he was Senior Manager within Health Care.

Mikael holds a Master of Science degree from the School of Economics and Business Administration at Gothenburg University and a Master of Science degree from the Military College

Other assignments: Owner C.F.M Enebyberg AB