• 2016

    Patent For Dosell And Settlement Of Medcheck Case

    Patents are awarded for Dosell in Europe and the US. The final stage of development of the dispenser unit begins during the summer to be completed during summer 2017. The costly and lengthy lawsuits with SLL and CGM are resolved with the agreement of all parties. The Company subsequently focuses on the production of apps, the first of which is launched on the App Store in December. In the same month, the Company takes steps to relist its share, leaving AktieTorget for Nasdaq First North Stockholm.

  • 2015

    Work With Dosell And Continued Legal Action Over Medcheck

    The Swedish Patent and Registration Office announces that the Medcheck patent is invalid. An appeal is lodged immediately. Work on identifying financiers and co-operation partners for Dosell continues throughout the year.

  • 2014

    Patent Dispute And Financing Of Dosell

    The Company continues to encounter challenges, and is obliged to allocate a considerable amount of time to patent infringements and lawsuits over Medcheck. Dosell is on the verge of achieving full financing and is incorporated into a major retailer’s offering.

  • 2013

    Patent Infringement And Work On Dosell

    The Company’s patent for Medcheck is infringed and is the target of legal action regarding its validity. Work on Dosell continues and the Company is in contact with major actors that could be suitable as industrial partners.

  • 2012

    Patent For Medcheck And Dosell Trials

    The Medcheck patent is granted. The year also sees the completion of discussions with Cambio Healthcare AB, paving the way for co-operation involving Medcheck. Trials of Dosell end successfully, and the Company works on identifying new partners to further develop the product.

  • 2011

    Trade In The Share And Co-Operation

    The Company’s share begins trading on the AktieTorget exchange. MediRätt starts a co-operation with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions to integrate Medcheck into Sweden’s national drug register.

  • 2010

    Health Centre Trials

    Medcheck continues to be developed and trialled at several health centres throughout Sweden. During the year, the Company conducts a release of shares and the number of co-owners increases to 22 by year-end.

  • 2009

    Patent Application

    A patent application for Medcheck is submitted to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office in April 2009. A new web-based security system is developed during the autumn. A Swedish patent is submitted for Dosell. A PCT application is submitted for 152 countries for a unique mapping function that minimises the incidence of poor drug selection, and that ensures that treatments are given to the appropriate patients. The patent also includes a telephony- and Internet-based alarm function that is triggered when a dose is not taken, and that monitors patients with chronic conditions in the home.

  • 2008

    The First Prototype

    The new co-operation partner is tasked with developing an initial prototype with the primary aim of demonstrating to investors how Dosell will work. The partner is part-paid in shares – a new project partner involved in the formation of the Company.

  • 2007

    Development Work

    Development work on producing a drug dispenser continues, and several different models are assembled. ALMI Företagspartner AB supports the project with an innovation loan of SEK 250,000. Towards the end of the year, contact is made with a technology company that has competences within plastic technologies and advanced electronics.

  • 2006

    The Beginnings Of Dosell

    Ideas behind a safe drug-dispensing platform, Dosell, are formulated in a patent application that is submitted to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office in October 2006. The first steps to create a dispenser as per the patent application get underway at the same time. Development work is conducted in co-operation with an innovative manufacturer in the plastics industry.