Corporate governance

MediRätt is a listed Swedish company. The corporate governance of the Company, the Company’s Articles of Association and internal rules and regulations are based on Swedish law. The Company also adheres to First North’s regulatory framework.

The Swedish corporate governance code

The Swedish corporate governance code (“the Code”) is not compulsory for companies that have their shares traded on the First North. The Board does not currently intend to adhere to the Code with the exception of those areas the Board deems it to be relevant for the Company and its shareholders.

General Meetings

Under the Companies Act (2005:551) general meetings are the Company’s highest decision-making forums. At general meetings shareholders exercise their voting rights on key issues such as the adoption of the income statements, balance sheets, profit allocation, discharge of responsibilities to board members and CEO, election of board members, auditors and remuneration to the board and auditors.

Annual General Meetings (AGM) must be held within six months following the end of the previous financial year. In addition to the AGM, extraordinary general meetings may also be called. According to the Articles of Association, general meetings are announced in Sweden’s Post och Inrikes Tidningar and on the Company’s website. Notice of general meetings shall also be announced in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.


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