About MediRätt's products

1. What is Dosell?

Dosell is a patented digital drug-dispensing machine for home use. By dispensing tablets in sachets at the desired time, Dosell ensures that the user gets the right medicine at the right time. The product is equipped with sound and light signals that remind the user when it is time for medication, which reduces the risk of wrongful medication and thus releases resources for health centers and hospitals. Dosell is connected to the internet and can thus be remotely controlled by healthcare professionals or relatives, and also send alerts when needed. In the long term, a range of digital applications, such as weight, pulse or physical activity, can be connected to Dosell – acting as the home's digital health terminal.

2. What is MediKoll?

MediKoll is an application that provides information about the side effects, reactions and allergy problems associated with different medication. The app thus gives the user an easily accessible tool that can be used to reduce the risk of unnecessary side effects in medication. MediKoll is available for free download to Android and iOS.

3. Pill organisers and dosette boxes are already on the market. Why should you choose Dosell instead of these?

An average of eight elderly people die every day in Sweden due to the misappropriation of prescription drugs and another 500 are hospitalized. Unlike other medical container, Dosell dispenses only the amount of medicine that the user should take at the ordinated time. This minimizes the risk that the user overdoses, takes the wrong combination of drugs, or does not take any medicine at all.

4. What protection and patents exist around MediRätt's products?

Dosell has been patented in Sweden since 2009, and in the United States and Europe since 2016. In addition, so-called "patent pending" - an ongoing patenting process - is under way in another 150 countries through a so-called PCT application. Patent pending means that no one else can get a patent for the same kind of invention. The patent includes dispensing of dosage bags, the possibility of wall mounting, and an alarm function via telephone and the Internet in case of deviation and monitoring of chronic diseases in home patients.

5. Is Dosell locked to the ApoDos system?

There are several suppliers of dosage bags in Sweden. Dosell will be compatible with all formats. Certain customization may be required for this.

6. What does the clinical study initiated between Apoteket and MediRätt mean?

In the autumn of 2017, Apoteket and MediRätt carried out a clinical study of Dosell, half financed by Apoteket. The study compared the medical container Dosett with Apodos dosage bags as well as evaluated how MediRätt's digital drug-dispensing machine Dosell works in practice. The result confirms weaknesses of medical dispensing with Dosett and Apodos and shows good results for Dosell.

7. What is Dosell estimated to cost the consumer?

The price for the user is not yet set. Both a fixed fee and a monthly subscription model may be applicable.

8. How do I acquire a Dosell for my relative or myself?

The ambition is that you will be able to get a Dosell through your municipality, your county council or your private healthcare provider, as well as the possibility to buy one directly through us or another distributor.

9. What is the underlying market for Dosell?

As the population in the western world is getting older, the prescription of medicines is also increasing. The primary target group for Dosell is multi-medicated patients at home or in care homes. Based on this, we estimate the potential customer base in Sweden to be approximately 400,000 people, corresponding to 4% of the population. In the entire EU, the potential customer base is estimated at 15 million people. In addition, Dosell can be a solution for people outside the target group, multi-medicated patients, such as people with diabetes.

About the company

10. How did Medirätt start?

General physician Göran Sjönell and industrialist Sten Röing founded MediRätt in 2008. Göran Sjönell has over 30 years of experience in treating multi-medicated patients, and closely monitored how mismedication caused both patient suffering and high costs for health care. It was the starting point for the development of MediRätt's digital drug dispensing machine Dosell.

11. How is the company financed?

MediRätt is funded through a mix of capital from private investors, funds and capital markets. Recently, the investment company Bracknor Investment Group entered as an investor in MediRätt by drawing 400,000 options worth SEK 2 million. In the future, our ambition is to initiate collaborations with more long-term financiers who want to be involved in building future home care.


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