The share

MediRätt has issued two types of share: Class A and Class B. Class B shares are  traded on NASDAQ First North as from the 22:nd of December 2016.

Class A shares constitute 10 votes per share, and Class B shares constitute one vote per share. Class A shares and Class B shares constitute the same rights to a share in the Company’s assets and profits. Shares have been issued under Swedish law and denominated in Swedish kronor. Shares are registered electronically and managed by Euroclear.

Trading information


The share

Short name of the share: MEDR-B
ISIN-code: SE0003656834

NASDAQ Stockholm First North

First North is an alternative marketplace run by the various stock exchanges included in NASDAQ. It has the same legal status as a regulated exchange. Companies on First North are regulated by First North’s rules and not by the legal requirements that are demanded for trading on a regulated exchange. An investment in a company that is traded on First North carries more risk than an investment in a company listed on a regulated exchange. All companies, whose stock is listed for trading on First North, have a Certified Advisor who assures that all regulations are observed. NASDAQ Stockholm approves applications to be included in trading on First North.

Certified Adviser:


Erik Penser Bank AB

Tel: 08-463 80 00


Pressmeddelanden och rapporter via E-post.