Dosell is a patented drug dispenser that can be used when medicating patients at home via remote monitoring by a responsible doctor, healthcare staff or relatives.

Dosell is under development. A number of Swedish municipalities have already ordered Dosell. Read more at

A drug dispenser for care in the home

Dosell reminds patients when to take medication and triggers an alarm if a patient fails to do so.


The product is equipped with a motor and clock that makes it possible to automate the dispensing of tablets at pre-set times. It is also provided with sound and light signals that remind patients to take their medication.

An average of FIVE elderly people die and a further 300 are admitted to hospital every day in Sweden due to errors in the administration of prescription drugs.

As Dosell is connected to the Internet, this will allow the online remote monitoring of many conditions from healthcare centres in future. Conditions such as heart failure, diabetes, renal failure and dementia can be treated from the home assuming early symptoms/values are identified.

With an Internet connection via Dosell in the home, homecare can be developed into modern, safe and secure healthcare provision. Dosell is set to prevent extensive suffering and generate considerable cost savings.



Dosell can be connected to the Internet via users’ Internet access or SIM card to enable remote controlled communication between the unit and care providers. It rapidly provides information on untaken medication, thereby increasing patient safety.


Governmental and private customers

The product will be sold to governmental and private healthcare organisations together with maintenance and service agreements. An ageing population, in combination with increased medication, points to a considerable and growing market.


A patented technology

Dosell has been patented in Europe and the US since April and August 2016 respectively. 

Dosell – a drug dispenser for homecare. Dosell reminds patients when they need to take medication and sends alerts if a patient fails to do so.

  • Patented technology in Europe and the US since 2016.
  •  Together with “drug-apps”, Dosell will be part of a unique overarching concept that ensures reliable and safe medication.
  • Internet connection enables wider use of the product in the future to expand the scope of clinical trials to include patients in their homes.

MediRätts founder tells more about Dosell

Images from the presentation of the Dosell prototype

Images from the development work