Ongoing projects

February 2018

Q&A about Dosell with Head of Sales, Klas Arvidson

The development of the digital drug dispensing machine Dosell is advancing rapidly. Klas Arvidson answers questions about how far the project has come and what remains to be done ahead of the launch. 

- You are in charge of the Dosell project, where does it stand today?

As our digital drug dispenseing machine, Dosell, has gone through both the prototype and testing phase, we can now focus on preparations for large-scale production, as well as planning the market launch, an important part of this will obviously be the potential buyers of Dosell, which mainly consist of municipalities, county councils and private healthcare providers who want to provide their home care professionals and patients with better tools for medication.

Since I started as Sales Manager, we have built up an internal sales organization which is currently working on developing the contacts we have with municipalities, county councils and private actors across the country. After our meetings, we feel even stronger in our conviction that Dosell fills a huge market demand. 

We have also decided not to link Dosell to a specific dosage bag, but instead make sure it is compatible with all three dosage bags available in the Swedish market. As Sales Manager I welcome this news since a market consisting of all 190,000 users of dosage bags in Sweden opens up the market and the possibility of selling Dosell to all 20 county councils / regions and 290 municipalities, in addition to the private healthcare providers. 

This gives us, not only, the opportunity to sell longer contracts, since Dosell can be used regardless of which supplier of dosage bags the municipality, county council or healthcare provider chooses, and also better opportunities to scale up operations for sales outside Sweden.

- Which market demands do you see Dosell meeting?

Dosell meets different needs depending on the target group. The first and most important target audience is of course our end-user and the individual. Looking at this group, Dosell provides better tools for reducing the risk of taking the wrong medication at the wrong time. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of side effects, thus saving us both the user and his relatives unnecessary suffering and anxiety. 

The second target group is the health care providers, where Dosell's major advantage is that home care services get a new tool that helps patients' drug dispensing, thus freeing employees time. The time that Dosell saves care providers can instead be used to increase the quality of other services to the individual. The alarm function in Dosell allows the healthcare provider to find out if the patient has forgotten to take his medicine, which further increases safety.

Our third target group is society and health care in general, where enormous resources  can be released when more patients avoid being hospitalized due to drug side effects that could have been avoided.

- When do you launch Dosell on the Swedish market?

Scheduled launch for Dosell is the fourth quarter of 2018. During the first half of the year we will procure a large-scale manufacturing supplier, negotiate the injection molding tool for the hardware, and develop the cloud service and digital infrastructure. During the second half of the year, product verification and testing will be carried out to ensure the functional requirements needed to meet the Medical Device Agency's Class 1 requirements under the EU Regulation on Medical Devices. After that, we can finally launch Dosell.